Just A Good Speech About Marriage Equality From A Child

Kameron Slade, the child in this video, is a fifth-grader from Queens, NY, who won a class speech competition with the speech on marriage equality that you’re about to enjoy. It’s great. Can’t wait for you to hear it. He was then supposed to deliver it to the entire school, but was told by his principle that the topic was inappropriate and that if he wanted to deliver a speech in front of the school, every child’s dream, I’m sure, he would have to write a new speech. And then instead of doing THAT homophobia-pressured bologna, he read his marriage equality speech ON THE LOCAL NEWS INSTEAD! BOOOOOM, PRINCIPLE! GOTCHA, YOU JERK! BOOM GOES THE REASONABLE HUMAN BEING DYNAMITE!

It’s possible that there is hope for this garbage world. Thank you, Kameron. Thank you, Kameron’s mom. Thank you, Chili’s. (Via ThinkProgress.)