This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

After Prometheus last week, when we were all sitting around chatting about it, someone said that it was just one of those movies where the trailer turned out to be better than the movie itself, and then there was this momentary pause before everyone else said, “you mean all movies?” Because it’s true: 9 times out of 9, the trailer is the best part of the movie. Trailers are so great! They’re fun and quick and beautiful and have either exciting action or cream-of-the-crop jokes. Trailers! Love ‘em. Get some hot trailers!

2 Days in New York

For years we have known that being white is hard, but now it turns out that being black is hard, too! Especially when everyone around you is white. JKJKJKJK! This looks good! I like movies like this, why not. Julie Delpy directed it? Sure. Everyone’s a director now. Scarlett Johansson learned everything she knows from Julie Delpy.


Hahaha. So this is basically that movie Pulse about the haunted Internet except instead of the modem it’s the super 8 projector? Perfect. “I’m going to write the best story anyone’s ever read.” And that man’s name was O’HENRY. This movie looks mega-dumb, have fun seeing it with your mom.

For A Good Time, Call…

I feel like I’m supposed to hate this but there were actually a couple parts in the trailer that made me laugh and if you actually think about it, it’s basically just an extended episode of Girls but with a plot and we all love Girls or whatever. Right?

The Queen of Versailles

This looks great.

Pitch Perfect