This Week In GIFs!

So I’ve been watching the NBA finals, because often life doesn’t turn out the way you expect and actually turns out MUCH more boring then you could ever have imagined, and last night there was a moment when a guy on the OKC team ran into a guy on the MIA team who was holding the ball, and the ball popped up between them and then they both fell backwards, flat on their backs, and it was the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen in ANY sports presentation. For real. It was so good! I made the people who actually cared about watching this bologna rewind it so we could watch it again, and then it was EVEN FUNNIER THE SECOND TIME! If you can believe it! Anyway the point of this story is when I saw it happen, I thought and said aloud, “I can’t wait to see a GIF of that tomorrow.” And it was maybe the lowest point of my life. Gross. Just terrible. Anyway, let’s look at some GIFs!

Mad Men season five ended!

We all saw Prometheus together, like a family.

A Jurassic Park wedding proposal touched all of our hearts!

We finished the second season of Downton Abbey!

We saw a SHOCKING first imagine from Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2!

Mark Wahlberg is going back to high school!

We found out what Tom Hanks is up to in Virginia!