No Television Show Will Ever Die Again

Good news, fans of any TV show that has ever ended in a way that you think was premature! We’re currently living in a world where all you have to do is be upset, complain about it on the Internet — or send pants to whomever it may concern — and then there will probably be at least rumors that your TV show is going to come back in some form, and then all you have to do is never stop talking about those rumors and then voilà! More of that TV show, whatever it is! Bored to Death has recently entered this renewal cycle, from Vulture:

There’s a glimmer of hope for Bored to Death fans today. The canceled HBO show, which aired its final episode in November, might have one more outing as a movie. Yesterday at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Ted Danson told French journalist Pierre Langlas that there was a good chance of a 90-minute movie happening. A rep from HBO tells Vulture that there have “been some conversations” about a BTD movie, but “it’s at a very early stage.”

Obviously I will watch this movie if it is ever indeed released. I’m not going to NOT WATCH a Bored to Death movie when it comes out. I’m not a dummy. But, my goodness, can’t anything die a simple death anymore? Do we all HAVE to keep clamoring for more whatever and never stop mentioning whatever’s name until even its memory is destroyed because MY GOODNESS just shut up about it already? Sometimes things are best left alone. Let them Rest In Peace every once in a while. Out of RESPECT! Right? Right or no? Do you guys want all your favorite shows to come back? Are you still passing around petitions for a Gilmore Girls movie? Never resting until Friends does another season? “Re-Do Seinfeld’s finale!” Is that what you think? Let me know. Plz let me know what you think. #endlessseasonsandamovie