Attention Tom Hanks Fans Living In Hampton Roads Virginia Beach!

Tom Hanks is currently shooting a movie in Virginia Beach, so the good people at the local newspaper have set up a website,, where local residents can submit their Tom Hanks sightings! This is a great opportunity for people who have seen Tom Hanks in a grocery store, restaurant, gas station, or bowling alley to let the world know that they did, and for those of us who just want to see what the life of Tom Hanks is like on location in Hampton Roads, Virginia, who don’t live there and can’t afford to fly down there to try and see him, can watch from the sidelines. Here are a couple sample sightings:

“I heard Tom Hanks was at Havana Nights recently #HRHanks. I guess he is hanging around Town Center?”

“Tom Hanks alert: The folks at Charlie’s Cafe in Norfolk shared this photo on their Facebook wall this morning.”

TOM HANKS ALERT! GO TOM! GO HAMPTON ROADS! Keep those tweets pouring in. Some people might say, this is an invasion of Tom Hanks’s privacy and also kind of unnecessary and seems a bit intense and maybe the local news should focus on what’s going on with the funding of the fire department or, like, school lunches or something but I say GIVE THANKS 4 MORE HANKS! You can ask anybody, I say that constantly. “GIVE THANKS 4 MORE HANKS!” (Via PopCultureBrain.)