Are There Wonderful Women Out There Who Aren’t Even Actresses?

It’s a great time to be a women! Bunheads is on, Bridesmaids continues to exist, Girls is finally showing how stuff REALLY is for once in our lives, heck, you can even BUY BANGS if you want to. Everything’s going great. So I don’t see any reason why we should sink down to the level of nitpicking our famous female counterparts for saying out-of-touch things in interviews that probably aren’t even exactly correctly displaying their intention. Maybe they were even goaded into saying some of it, you know, and really how well would any of US do in the same scenario, we’d probably have our feet in our mouths almost constantly, and etc., but also, look at this thing Scarlett Johansson said in this interview from The Belfast Telegraph!

The actress has grown tired of being referred to as a sex bomb and wants to be known for her acting rather than her appearance. That said she is proud of the way she looks and hopes to be a role model to other women because of her career success.

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no!” she laughed ,when Grazia Italia asked if she ever thinks she is amazing. “I also think there are so many wonderful women out there, and they aren’t even actresses! I don’t like being labelled as ‘the sexiest woman alive’. As an actress I prefer to maintain the anonymity.”

Oh, just a little background here in case anyone is confused — the first thing they teach you in Journalism class is to always ask if your subject ever thinks they are amazing, and the first thing they teach you in interview subject class is to answer “yes” in a roundabout way that doesn’t actually make sense with how the question was phrased. So that’s why that played out the way it did. But Scarlett, sexbomb actress, does bring up an interesting question: Are there wonderful women out there who aren’t even actresses? I’m trying to think of any. I’m not sure if Michelle Obama counts as an actress or not, and Beyonce was in that Austin Powers movie but really she’s more of a singer. So maybe those two? But do let me know if you guys can think of any wonderful women who aren’t even actresses. Argh! I wish she had mentioned the ones she was thinking of! (Via The Superficial)