Duh Aficionado Magazine: Corey Feldman Has A Weird Relationship With His Stalker

At this point, it would be weirder if Corey Feldman DIDN’T have an unusual relationship with his stalker. You know? That’s what would be weird LOLOL. Hahahaha. LOLOL. That’s what would be weird! From TMZ:

File this under irony: Corey Feldman told a judge he promises to stay out of his alleged stalker’s life for good … as long as the woman moves out of his home.

Feldman just filed court papers, explaining how he struck a truce with his 6 foot tall, 300lb former roommate … after she allegedly threatened to hurt him and violated a restraining order.

In the court docs, Feldman says both he and Jennifer Herbert agreed to leave each other alone for the rest of their lives — and will no longer trash each other on Twitter and Facebook.

So just to clarify, Corey Feldman is currently living in his own house with a 6 foot tall, 300 pound female stalker and the two of them spend all day trashing each other on Facebook and Twitter and he has agreed in an actual COURT OF LAW to leave her alone as long as she agrees to move out, which suggests that she’s the one who filed a complaint this time, and somehow we’re still talking about a OUIJA BOARD movie? This is the movie. This is all the movies. And all the TV. This is literally the only thing that I want to see. What’s the matter? Are all the cameras in the world broken? Fix one of those cameras and get in there. Corey won’t mind, I promise. This is mankind’s magic hour and we’re losing the light.