Girl Stuff: You Don’t Have To Be Perfect At Your Job, Ladies

Hey, girls! Did you guys see Girls last night? I did. What did you think? Don’t you wish that you could write a book and then have a party about it? Don’t you wish you had that dress Jenny Slate was wearing? Aren’t you glad you aren’t friends with any of the horrible people on that show except for Jessa, who is actually turning out to be a great character even though we kind of assumed she’d be the one we liked the least? Me too! Anyway, as we get older we will find that, generally, we have jobs and people rely on us to do those jobs reasonably well. Just a fact of life. But we will also find, as we get older, that sometimes we will let those people down. For example, I was on a bus from New York to Philadelphia this weekend and when we were in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, the bus driver took a lot of weird turns and then slowly pulled into the parking lot of a mall, stopped the bus, stood up, turned to face us and asked, “Does anyone know how to get to Philadelphia?” (“DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET TO PHILADELPHIA.”) You know, just a completely normal tiny screw up that anyone could make when they were a bus driver leaving New York, KNOWING that they were driving to Philadelphia. Then he stopped the bus multiple times as someone had to direct him to Philadelphia because then it kind of turned out that he couldn’t drive a bus at all? Whatever! It’s fine. The point is that EVERYONE screws up at their job every once in a while, and it’s not something that you should obsess about or get too worried over. We’re all adults here. We get it. Just do your best. To illustrate that point, here is a montage of models not being able to do a great job at their job of walking.

Thanks, ladies! It happens to the best of us! We all fall down sometimes! Does anyone know how to get to Philadelphia, indeed! (Via TheDailyWhat.)