“Last Moment Robot” Is Here For You

Good news! No one has to be afraid that they’re going to die alone in a hospital either because their friends and family couldn’t be there for whatever reason, like maybe they’re all dead already, or because they alienated themselves completely from anyone who ever really loved them and are full of regret! A guy created a robot to be there with you now! Good news! From Cnet:

Chen, an artist, designer, and engineer who just graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with an MFA in Digital + Media, built the machine as one of a series of functional robots capable of reenacting human social behaviors. But just how much can a machine impart comfort and security? It’s a fascinating, complex question, and one Chen explores in his master’s thesis titled “File > Save As > Intimacy,” a study of interactions based on what he calls robotic intimacy technology (RIT).

And you’ll be happy to hear that the robot is even more depressing than you’re imagining. Let’s check it out!

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