This Week In GIFs!

I am aware that this particular Game of Thrones GIF is not from the season finale of Game of Thrones that we all talked about this week, but that is just something that everyone’s going to have to DEAL WITH. Sunglasses slowly falling over this post. I don’t know what GIFs are from the season finale because I don’t watch that show because I don’t like seeing eyeballs get poked out so GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT. Enjoy your child king who everyone hates so much for some reason. He’s clapping! For all the GIFs we’re about to enjoy! Hooray, child! Hooray, GIFs! Let’s do it!

Season two of Game of Thrones ended!

We all saw Snow White and the Huntsman!

We watched another Downton Abbey episode!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar said Saved by the Bell was “not a great show”!

We talked about whether or not New Girl IS ACTUALLY the first post-post-9/11 TV show!