Which World Record Should Star In The Guinness Book Of World Records Movie?

Hollywood, in Her infinite wisdom, is developing a movie based on the Guinness Book of World Records. So smart. Such a good basis for a compelling human narrative. OUR generation’s Battleship. From Deadline:

Warner Bros is negotiating a rights deal to use The Guinness Book Of World Records as the basis for an action adventure film. The film has been set up at WB-based Thunder Road, and the studio has hired Danny Chun (The Office) to write the script.

OK great. So we’re all definitely on board with this project. But the question now is WHICH WORLD RECORD should star in the movie? Should it be “world’s largest change jar”? Or “most donuts eaten in two seconds”? Ahhhhhh! WHICH IS THE MOST DRAMATIC WORLD RECORD WITH THE MOST INTERESTING BACK STORY AND THE RELATABLE REDEMPTION TALE? Is it “tallest frog”? Or maybe “world’s sleepiest court reporter”? There are eight million stories in the naked Guinness Book of World Records.