IS New Girl The First Post-Post-9/11 TV Show?

When Earth is destroyed in 2000 years after a fiery collision with another planet, only a few questions will remain for whatever species molds whatever remains into its own new world to destroy: “What was the point of it all?”, “Why did the humans so badly want to destroy each other?”, and “What was the first post-post-9/11 TV show?” In a recent interview with the WGA magazine Written By, New Girl executive producer Brett Baer offers an answer to one of those Big Questions. From Written By:

I was thinking long and hard about it, and I said to Dave [Finkel, fellow executive producer], ‘What we’ve done here is created maybe the first post-post-9/11 show.’ … The comedy in the past 10 years prior to our show had an edge to it. It was satirical. There was a cynicism about the comedy. What our show came along at the right time for — this weird alchemy that happened — is that we were willing for the first time to go, It’s okay to feel again.

Haha. Right! No, I’m sure. I’m at least sure that when you’re so wrapped up in a project like this it’s probably easy to get in over your head about what it all means, and what your contribution is to what it all means, in a way that isn’t myopic and uhhhhhhhh, well, just kind of weird. That is just kind of weird and a weird thing to say about a TV show. (Any TV show.) (EVEN Parks and Recreation.) (EVEN COMMUNITY IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT!) But, who knows. Maybe he’s right. Is Schmidt our first post-post-9/11 TV character? Has Zooey Deschanel taught us that it’s ok to feel again, finally, after all these years, thank goodness we can finally feel again thanks to New Girl? Please, let us know how you weigh in on this Big Question.

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