A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Mark-Paul Gosselar Says Saved By The Bell Is “Not A Great Show”

Kelly: Hey, Gabe
Gabe: yo kelly
Gabe: yo dawg
Kelly: How are you doing today
Gabe: not bad
Gabe: pretty chill
Gabe: i am just chillaxing over here
Kelly: That doesn’t sound too bad at all
Gabe: it’s very chill
Gabe: you?
Kelly: I’m doing fine over here too
Kelly: Just surfing the net
Gabe: oh that’s chill
Kelly: p. chill
Kelly: Except I just surfed onto some news that’s kind of ruining the chill vibe
Kelly: And I’d hate to spoil yours but I’d like to share it with someone
Gabe: oh that is NOT chill
Kelly: Tell me about it
Kelly: So apparently Mark-Paul Gosselaar, star of the beloved Franklin & Bash
Kelly: Is going around telling people that
Kelly: If you can believe it
Kelly: Saved by the Bell was “not a great show”
Kelly: ???????????????????????

Gabe: is he, kelly?
Gabe: “Hey, man!”
Gabe: man, mark paul gosselar dropping BOMBS
Kelly: He also said the writing is “kind of hokey”
Gabe: WHAT?
Gabe: it is very brave of him
Gabe: to finally admit
Gabe: that a show for children
Gabe: from 100 years ago
Gabe: did not have the BEST writing on television
Gabe: you know that guy just finished catching up on Breaking Bad and was like
Gabe: now that i think about it
Gabe: there is room for a higher level of writing in television
Kelly: It’s brave, but also a little harsh for the rest of us
Kelly: Who were perfectly happy to live under the assumption that Saved by the Bell
Kelly: was as good as it gets
Gabe: he’s totally harshing your chill vibes
Kelly: Harshing the S out of them
Kelly: Give me a break bro
Kelly: Let me ENJOY the writing.
Kelly: I haven’t felt this deflated since Blake Lively announced that Gossip Girl was not her best work
Gabe: you’ve had a tough week
Kelly: I’m just tired all the time now.
Gabe: you’re TOO chill if anything

Gabe: i like how that interview with gosselar
Gabe: doesn’t actually include the questions he was answering
Gabe: so you have to make them up, which is always my favorite game
Gabe: “Was Saved by the Bell a good show?”
Gabe: “Was the writing good on it, or was the writing hokey?”
Kelly: hahah
Kelly: “What do you think of the claims that saved by the bell was television’s best show with television’s best writing”
Gabe: exactly
Kelly: I’d rather think that he begins every Franklin & Bash press interview by stating that the difference between Saved by the Bell and Franklin & Bash
Kelly: Is that Saved by the Bell was not a great show
Kelly: “Before you ask”
Kelly: He also says that Saved by the Bell was almost canceled every season
Kelly: The Community of its day, probably
Kelly: I’m not sure I was born when it was on TV but I bet it was like the Community of its day
Kelly: I’m so sorry
Kelly: That was totally careless of me and I really do apologize
Kelly: I know it’s tough
Gabe: i feel like
Gabe: everyone’s already forgotten
Gabe: on to something more important? LIKE WHAT?
Kelly: Shh shh
Gabe: what if everyone forgot 9/11?
Gabe: which we agreed to NEVER FORGET?
Gabe: that’s what this is like
Kelly: Everyone’s just trying to process it and deal with it in their own way
Kelly: We have to heal
Gabe: i feel like hardly anyone has even
Gabe: drawn the entire cast as 8-bit videogame characters in Downton Abbey costumes for weeks
Kelly: I’m sure you’re wrong about that.

Gabe: first they came for the ASCII fan art and I blogged nothing
Kelly: I’m sure someone is drawing Troy and Abed as Walt and Jesse as dogs as we speak
Kelly: For a t-shirt
Kelly: And it says Barking Bad in the Community font
Gabe: i just hope someone will make dolls that look like Jeff and Britta as Jaime and Cersei Lannister out of Mr. Potato Head dolls and sell them on etsy soon
Kelly: I hope someone will write a series of parody novellas based on Twilight except with Jeff and Britta, and that those parody novellas will be made into a feature film except the feature film is actually about the writer of the novellas and the writer is played by the dean in a wig
Gabe: i hope someone will make an oil painting of Troy and Abed in the Morning in the style of the Last Supper with all of the Dean’s different costumes and Chang as Mary Magdalene and a Dr. Who Dalek as the Da Vinci Code all of it in the style of Ren & Stimpy
Kelly: I hope someone will make Community plush dolls in the style of Adventure Time and film a stop motion supercut of what abed’s best lines and jeff’s best burns would be if the gang were transported to occupy wall street AS the plush Adventure Time dolls
Gabe: i hope someone will make an instructional card for how to do Troy and Abed’s secret handshake in the style of an airplane safety guide where each panel is also a comic book that references Jeff’s backstory as a lawyer based on The Pelican Brief
Kelly: I hope someone cuts up different episodes so it seems like the cast is singing Kanye West’s “Monster” and then turns it into a choose-your-own-adventure style YouTube game co-created by the creator of The Emo Game

Gabe: i hope someone makes a shot-for-shot remake of teh Paintball episode but where each of the characters is played by a kitten with a broken leg in a cast wearing a cafepress t-shirt with Starburns’s face on it and under his face is a different expression from one of Judah Friedlander’s hats on 30 Rock and at the end of it all the credits are steampunk names
Kelly: I hope someone finally figures out which red pandas they’d all be, if they were all red pandas
Gabe: i hope someone makes a supercut of every time Annie says “Jeff” in her whimpering voice but set to the BRAHHHM music from Inception and at the end of it we find out that the Internet never existed and everyone’s in mind jail
Kelly: I hope this is all a dream and when we wake up it’s 1990 and we wake up just in time for Saved by the Bell and then when we turn on the TV Saved by the Bell is on except the show runner is Dan Harmon