The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I have a question: when you guys watch cute animal videos (all the time, I’m sure) and you’re around other people and you see a particularly good animal video, do you force the people around you to watch the animal video? Even if you know for a fact that they don’t particularly enjoy animal videos? Because you think surely they will like THIS animal video, because this is the best animal video you have ever seen and you can’t imagine there’s a person out there who would feel apathetic towards it? Let me tell you, the person who does this kind of thing is the WORST kind of person to be, and I am that person pretty much ALL THE TIME. And especially last night when pulling together this week’s list. What a nightmare. “You need to stop doing your work and look at this video of a mini-pig. Look. I’m sorry. Look at it. I’M SORRY.” These videos are all pretty great though, I have to say. I can’t imagine that any of you aren’t going to love them. Look at them! LOOK AT THEM!

10. Bird Imitates R2-D2

9. Seal Trying To Remove A Diver’s Mask

8. Diver Removes A Hook From A Puffer Fish

7. Monkey Is Very Demanding

6. Synchronized Kittens

5. Prairie Dogs Eating Carrots

4. Mini-Pig In A Pool

3. Baby And Puppy Meet For The First Time

2. Beagle Is Excited When Its US Airwoman Owner Comes Home

1. Mini-Pig Walks Down The Steps

TWO MINI-PIG VIDEOS IN THE TOP FIVE? Yes! (And I think they’re both the same pig.) (Whatever.) I will admit that after watching the video at number one I spent roughly 20 minutes researching mini-pig breeders and “are mini-pigs affectionate?” may or may not be in my recently searched items. #livelife. (They are not affectionate like dogs are affectionate but apparently they like to be rubbed and will let you cuddle with them if you want to.) (#livelife.) The beagle video is wonderful and heartwarming, and the baby meeting the puppy video is another video I made friends watch, and those friends did not care about it at all. Very foolish. Very foolish of them. Prairie dogs eating carrots is just a delight. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!