10 Tips To Get Your Weather Balloon Summer-Ready

1. Get yourself summer ready. There’s no use having a summer-ready weather balloon if you’re not going to be ready to go outside in the sun and fill it up with exhaust from your chainsaw or whatever, so don’t be a dummy. Think ahead!
2. Begin the process of de-winterizing your weather balloon. This means different things for everyone.
3. Buy yourself some nice summer clothes. If you’re going to make this a summer to remember, you’ve got to start fresh. Sure you can mix in some old pieces, too, but do you really remember any old pieces that you really liked? Probably not.
4. – 7. Get your weather balloon summer-ready and bring it outside.
8. Set up a camera about 25 feet away from you and your weather balloon. You may want to have a friend stationed behind the camera to make sure the recording process goes smoothly, but if you want to roll the dice and just hit play yourself, be my guest. Whatever. I’m not sure why you’re reading the tips if you’re just going to do whatever you want anyway but that’s fine.
9. Fill up your weather balloon until it explodes.

10. Put the dumb video of your weather balloon exploding on the Internet for 100% no reason at all.

You did it! You’re ready! Everyone is ready now! (Via UniqueDaily.)