Another Beautiful Paper Lanterns Video To Love So Much

About one year ago, we all enjoyed a beautiful video of thousands of paper lanterns being released in Poland to celebrate St. John’s Night, the shortest night of the year. It was great, and we all revisit the video sometimes to this day whenever we need to see something pretty for two minutes, which happens about once every two months. It’s just the best! And now look, a new video of a billion paper lanterns to watch, this time from this past weekend in Romania!

The video says that this has set the world record for the number of paper lanterns set off at once, but people through around the term “world record” so loosely these days that who even knows. Also: who even cares. It certainly looks enough like the world record! Hooray! Beautiful! Let’s all refuse to marry our future husbands or wives unless they recreate this when they propose because if they don’t then they must not truly love us or even KNOW US AT ALL! (Via SayOMG.)