The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

It’s Wednesday! The Petting Zoo Countdown Day! You may have been confused when you woke up this morning because we had a long weekend, so maybe you thought that today was actually Tuesday and now you’re very surprised that it’s Wednesday and you might not even be prepared to watch animal videos yet, but if that is the case here’s what you need to do: Relax. Go get a glass of water and put a little lemon in the water and then drink the water and then come back and watch these animal videos with us. It’s going to be fine. What will you do tomorrow, when your body FEELS like it’s going to be able to watch animal videos, and then it’s disappointed? Who knows. Save tomorrow for tomorrow. Live today, today. Watch animal videos. Start now.

10. Baby Trying To Get Cat

9. Joey Moving In A Pouch

8. A Gecko Trying To Climb Up A Dog

7. Dog Thief

6. Monkeys And Synthesizers

5. Cat Acrobat

4. Monkey On A Head

3. Puppy’s Day Out

2. Hamster “Gets Shot” And “Plays Dead”

1. Lazy Polar Bear

Congratulations, Lazy Polar Bear! You are so lazy, you definitely live up to your name! I wish we could just go to sleep forever and ever together and never wake up again! Hamster: HOW DID YOU LEARN TO DO THAT? Is that just a trick of the camera? Did you just fall over naturally and we’re all fooled? I’m glad to be fooled, in that case! Puppy’s Day Out is kind of cheating but still VERY CUTE! Monkey on a head might be a viral video for like a sweater company or something but WHO CARES ’cause LOOK AT THAT MONKEY! And, finally, cat acrobat. Good job, cat. You did it. Your owner is terrible! CONGRATULATIONS!