The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Gerard Butler Charity Soccer Match Butt Photo

Gerard Butler played a charity match of American Soccer for UNICEF on Sunday long with Woody Harrelson, Mike Meyers, James McAvoy, and Will Ferrell, who got injured and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher. Here’s Gerard Butler “mooning” the camera but with his pants still on, which is such a dad move. This is basically how Gerard Butler ruins every sleepover, right before he asks if anyone wants tomato soup because it’s the only thing he knows how to make and by make I mean heat up. “You suuuure you guys don’t want any tomato soup?” I’m not saying I want him to take his pants off, I’m just saying he could have just as easily not “mooned” the cameras. This is like when a girl at a party tells you that you probably think she’s crazy because all her friends say she’s the craziest person they know, but she’s not crazy, she’s just boring, and Gerard Butler. CAPTION HIS BUTTHOLE!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Take that, UNICEF! (Image via the Gerard Butler Message Board that is Your Favorite Message Board.)