Game Of Thrones Open Thread

I’m pretty sure the Drake (feat. Lil Wayne) song “HYFR” was about this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. Such a good episode! Obviously, there was the epic battle, but also Queen Cersei revealing that she’s just a straight up lunatic, and also Joffrey being such a little bitch. Dumb bitch. But also don’t forget the battle because there was a big old battle. Dinklage face slash! I was at a bar yesterday honoring the troops and someone said “Dinklage face slash!” as if that was the coolest new slogan written up in a New York Times trend piece about people who make their own Kamboucha in Bushwick. As if we had all agreed that “Dinklage face slash!” was the hip new catchphrase. And you know what? Fair enough. DINKLAGE FACE SLASH! Man the gates! THIS. IS. GAMEOFTHRONESTOWN! Next week is the season finale. Hopefully we’ll finally find out what’s happening to Jon Snow on Sex Mountain just kidding who cares MORE EXPLOSIONS PLEASE!