Videogum Summer School Is Back In Session

The regular television season is wrapping up. Even the irregular television season is winding down. There’s only two more episodes of Game of Thrones and a handful of Mad Men left. (The hell if I’m going to watch True Blood this year. Fairies and panther shifters and swamp mummies? I’M OUT! Although Breaking Bad comes back in July so we’ll have that.) Not to mention the fact that there’s just straight up F-All going on on the Internet these days. What are we going to talk about?! If I see one more thing about Dan Harmon I’m going to [insert outrageous and improbable example of self-injury here]. “Uh oh the fake Twitter for the show runner on Troy and Abed in the Morning got shut down by the EVIL CRIMINALS at Sony!” You guys know that stuff happens, right? This is not the first thing that has ever happened. Enough. So, let’s all take this opportunity to pick some things we actually enjoy or think we will enjoy but haven’t had time during the regular year to enjoy. See also: homework. Are you all caught up on Sherlock and Luther? Those are not even that new, but they are good examples of the kinds of things on which some people (stupid people who need remedial training) fall behind. I kind of want to watch The Sopranos again from the beginning. Oh! And two different people have talked to me about Southland in the past week. So, let’s check out Southland, I guess? What else, guys? BUELLER?! MCFLY?! Hahahhahaha. BUELLER?! MCFLY?! Hahahahahha. Great sitting next to you in Blog Class this year. Have a great summer. K.I.T.