Stuntman Skydives With No Parachute Because That’s Just The Way Some People Have Chosen To Live Their Lives

Some people, like me and, I’m going to assume, you, like to be careful with the lives we are given. We don’t let people give us piggyback rides, we yell at our friends when they fall asleep on the subway, we always assume someone is going to push us onto the subway tracks and stay constantly aware of what’s going on around us, we wear seat belts, we literally run away from bees, genuinely terrified, even though we are so old, etc. It certainly not the “coolest” way to live, sure. Certainly we’d be much “cooler” if we DIDN’T think someone was going to push us onto the subway tracks all the time. But it’s OUR way to live. Other people, though, like professional stuntman Gary Connery, like to jump out of airplanes wearing only a wingsuit while attempting to land on a fairly modest pile of the foam cubes they use at, like, fancy skatepark camps. People are just different.

I’m not sure why the entire video is silent, but if I had to offer a guess it would be because the screaming inside of our heads was already VERY loud. (Via VVV.)