Who Should Play Linda Blair In The TV Adaption Of The Exorcist?

I realize the question really should be “who should play Reagan in the TV adaption of The Exorcist” but honestly I forgot what the character’s name was and all I could remember was that she was played by Linda Blair, and then I looked it up and came to the conclusion that Linda Blair is still the more recognizable name. Is that a good enough explanation for you? My goodness. JUST LET ME GET TO THE THING! So, here’s the thing, from Indiewire:

“Martha Marcy May Marlene” director Sean Durkin will get his Hollywood feet wet with a ten-part, television adaptation of the iconic, horror movie classic from Morgan Creek. Producer Roy Lee — who knows a thing or two about remakes with “The Grudge,” “The Departed,” “The Eye” and upcoming “Oldboy” under his belt — is on board to help steer the ship, in the tale that will explore the events that lead up to the possession, before Father Damian Karras (played by Jason Miller in Friedkin’s film) is called in.

Sounds good to me. I’ll take as many The Exorcist adaptations as Hollywood wants to throw at me because The Exorcist was great, and maybe someday someone will make a The Exorcist adaptation that isn’t garbage. We haven’t seen it yet, but maybe! We can always dream! Obviously a good amount of the success or failure of this adaptation will come from the success or failure of the Linda Blair character. Soooo. Who should play that character, do you think? Let’s throw some names around.

Ryan Reynolds?

Lindsay Lohan, probably?

Marissa Paternoster from Screaming Females, the best band in the world? Which is not meant to be insulting at all? She rules and it would just be great?

The jerk from Girls/Tiny Furniture?

Zooey Deschanel?

A haunted dress?


Glow in the dark Ouija Board?

So many great choices! Did I leave out anyone? Probably not, right? Or did I? The power of Christ COMPELS you to tell me if I left out anyone!!!!!!!!