This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

HEY GUYS! Whoops. Hey guys. Regular hey guys. It’s a holiday weekend and you know what that means: MOOOOOOVIES! Hahaha. Maybe? I don’t know. There are so many ways in which a holiday weekend does not mean movies. I can easily think of 10 things off the top of my head that you should do this weekend besides watching some stupid movies, and I’m not even going to bother listing any of them here because we all know what they are and not everything has to have a list. But if you DID go to a movie this weekend, what would it be? BESIDES Men in Black 3? Like, after you go see Men in Black 3 when you are thinking about sneaking into a second movie, which you should never do because that’s stealing and don’t do it but if you were a criminal and you lived a secret double life as a criminal, what would it be? Probably Moonrise Kingdom. You’re the dorkiest criminal ever. Invite me to your barbecue, you dorks.

Hyde Park on Hudson

Hmmm. I mean, Bill Murray, obviously. But otherwise not so much. If I’m going to watch English aristocracy get mad about hot dogs, I’ll just wait for the hot dogs episode of Downton Abbey when the Lady Dowager continues to express her exasperation with her son’s marriage to Cora. I’ll probably watch this on a plane or something. Anybody have tickets to a plane?

Whole Lotta Sole

For a romantic comedy-esque romp this sure has a lot of semi-automatic weapons in it! Also, is it just me, or has the United Kingdom become the homebase for gangsters? Everyone is a gangster over there if you watch the movies. You guys OK over there? Somebody check on the United Kingdom. 2 many gangsters.

Anchorman 2

Steve Carrell.

The Master

I’m willing to accept that I might find myself on the wrong side of herstory when it comes to Paul Thomas Anderson, but I never liked his early movies. I didn’t like Boogie Nights and I hated Magnolia. (I want to rewatch Boogie Nights. Magnolia can still kiss my butt.) And so I went into There Will Be Blood expecting to hate it, and was just as on board as everyone else, which is to say very on board. That movie is wonderful. So now I am a Paul Thomas Anderson fan and this movie looks great. Things change.



What Maisie Knew

A FILM ABOUT A MIXED UP WORLD! This movie uses little children and soundtrack cues the way Cameron Crowe uses, well, little children and soundtrack cues. And I’m not sure about this plotline where the mom married a dude for the sake of the little girl? That sounds like a mixed up world indeed! But, sure. Good luck, Maisie!