Which Tertiary 1990’s Character Should (Shouldn’t) Get His/Her Own Prequel?

Alf! AND NOW THIS! Throw on your stupid slap bracelets and prepare to never grow up. (Please grow up.) Someone interviewed Dante Basco, who played Rufio in 1991’s Hook, and asked him if people still care about Rufio (A: “care” is a strong word) to which he responded:

Actually there’s a film in development, the Rufio film, where a hotshot group of kids from the East Coast graduated and they wrote this whole script, the prequel to Hook and it’s the Rufio story. We have it right now with a director, Rpin Suwannath who’s doing the new Zorro for Fox. He has the script and he’s attached to the film and I’m attached to produce so that’s actually in development right now which’ll be cool, a Rufio for a whole new generation.

DETONATE THE INTERNET. Rarely has a story so inconsequential gotten so much attention. Just kidding. Every inconsequential story gets at least this much attention because that’s how Al Gore invented it. But, obviously this is not really happening. So sorry Dante Brasco! (Although I would definitely see a movie called Dante Brasco about Rufio infiltrating one of the five syndicated crime families.) But who are some other 1990s side characters who will definitely never get their very own movie projects but should at least get 12 hours of Blog Buzz? My vote, obviously, goes to a psycho-sexual thriller directed by Brian DePalma called Fuller, Take It Easy On The Prostitutes.