Other Pop Culture Items We Should Spend $1 Trillion Building Before Star Trek’s Enterprise

There is an engineer with a website called that presents a 20-year, one-trillion dollar plan to build a real space-ready Enterprise, the spaceship from Star Trek, because this is the Internet and anyone is allowed to buy a domain and put almost whatever they want there, no matter how much maybe that website doesn’t need to exist at all (see: nearly all websites), and if it is absurd sounding enough/a slow news day enough maybe even other sites will write about it, like this website and also Yahoo:

Created by a systems and electrical engineer with 30 years’ experience, the BuildTheEnterprise site sets out a very specific timeline for the research and construction of such a massive space-related undertaking. The first nine years are dedicated to research, component testing, and drawing up a number of possible blueprints. The following 11 years are dedicated to development, where components will be manufactured and launched into space for assembly.

On year 20, the ship would be ready for a “moon fly by” with full crew and supplies. The plan may seem overly ambitious, but consider that we’re already using a number of gadgets that were all but predicted by the Star Trek television series.

The estimated cost of building the Enterprise: about $50 billion a year for the next 20 years — $1 trillion in total.

Yup. The only problem I can see here is that the website isn’t a Kickstarter? R U kidding me, engineer? Obviously a lot of time and effort and knowledge was put into constructing this plan, if you want to see for yourself and look at this plan, but also obviously, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, there are WAY better things from make believe that we should be spending our 20 years and $1 trillion building before Star Trek’s Enterprise. HASN’T ANYONE EVER EVEN SEEN CLICK? Here is my list:

  • Click remote, obviously.
  • Closet from Clueless, again obviously. I feel ridiculous even having to type these out.
  • The thing from Honey I Shrunk the Kids 3 where they got to swim in onion dip.
  • Lady Mary’s skin.
  • How Sabrina the Teenage Witch can stand in front of her mirror and point at herself and be ready for the day.
  • The shoes from Back to the Future or whatever.
  • The feeling Bastian has when he’s in that scary room, covered by a blanket, reading The Neverending Story.