The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Just as a reminder, which may not actually be a reminder because I’m not sure if we’ve ever talked about it before, but I have seen rumblings in the comments, so just to make it clear, if anyone sees an animal video throughout the week that they’d like to submit for consideration in the (very hard to get into) (just kidding) (not hard) (it just has to be cute) (or funny) (or INCREDIBLE) (obviously) weekly top 10 Petting Zoo countdown, please email it to us! That would be great if you did that. The Petting Zoo is a team sport, after all. A team sport where I get to pick all the winners based on however I feel at that moment. I’ve never played any sports so I assume that’s generally how they all go. Anyway, so this week we have some great vids for you, no duh, include TWO videos of animals on treadmills, which are not generally my thing, but these two are pretty great. So let’s get to them! And also the other ones! Which are all great!

10. Tomato Cat

9. Horse Gives Dog A Massage

8. Sleepy Dog

7. Dogs On A Treadmill

6. Talking Cat

5. Another Dog On A Treadmill

4. Baby Penguin Meets A Man

3. Puppy Tries To Swim

2. Dog On A Bike

1. Baby Hugs All The Goats

A VERY controversial pick for my first choice, I know, since it’s the baby that’s the cute star and not really the animals. But, my gosh, that baby is incredible! So. CONGRATULATIONS BABY! YOUR BIG HEADED HUG IS JUST THE BEST! Number two is a dog on a bike because dogs on bikes will never not be included in the top five, duh. You can hardly beat a dog on a bike, unless, of course, you are a baby hugging goats. Puppy tries to swim is just a fun summer animal vid, and penguin meets a man is just a touching life experience. The dog on a treadmill is funny because it’s standing up. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!