“Watch The Background” Advice Proves Worth Following

It’s not always easy to sort out good advice from bad, but in some cases you hear something and you just think, “Yes.” Or maybe even, “Yes, very good advice.” For example, I once read a letter to Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice column from a woman who believed her mother-in-law was poisoning her, and Prudence suggested that she switch plates with her husband next time they have dinner at her MIL’s house. The letter-writer followed her advice and wrote a follow-up letter saying that after she did, her husband got sick and when she explained to him what she had done — because up until then he had not believed her about the poisoning, so she had to switch the plates secretly — are we all following this story? This is an incredible story — her husband got mad in such a way that showed he had actually been in on it the whole time and now the letter writer is getting a divorce! Huh! ISN’T THAT SUCH A CRAZY STORY?! Anyway, whoever uploaded this video is a total “Dear Prudence” and he should have his own advice column because he is VERY GOOD at advice.

Thank you, Dear YOUTUBEdence — you’ve done it again. Also I hope that little boy is ok, I’m sorry this incredible blooper had to happen during his very scary story! (Via ViralViral.)