Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here are photos of celebrities and their stunt doubles. They are all very realistic and none of them are weird. -BlameItOn
  • Our own Gabe Delahaye and Max Silvestri are hosting the Webby Awards pre-show today at 4:30 ET! Can you even imagine? THOSE GUYS? Hosting this thing? You should watch it! -Webbys
  • The “Feminist Ryan Gosling” tumblr meme is going to be a book. Duh. The only appropriate response to this news is “duh” and also “oh.” -HuffingtonPost
  • As we all know, Rihanna made her acting debut in Battleship this weekend. We all know that because there isn’t one of us who did not go to see it. It was sooooo good, right? When we saw it? We all had a great time? Anyway here is every line of dialogue that Rihanna had. It’s all perfect. -Vulture
  • Robert Carlock, 30 Rock’s co-show runner, is walking everyone through selections from the series over at AV Club. Go read it, if you want to! -AVClub
  • Eugene Mirman gave the commencement speech at Hampshire College this past weekend and as far as commencement speeches go, it’s a pretty good commencement speech! He’s great! You should watch it, if that all sounds like something you’d like! -HampshireCollege
  • Kevin Smith is doing some “anti movie review” show for Hulu that pretty much just sounds like a normal movie review show except with a weirdly self-righteous opinion of itself. Oh great! -FilmDrunk
  • And finally, here is Will Smith performing the Fresh Prince theme song, in case that is something you want. -TheDailyWhat