Nick Stahl Missing Persons Update

You may remember that last week the world got word that Terminator 3’s Nick Stahl had gone missing, which was scary because apparently he had been known to frequent the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles, and that does NOT sound like a particularly good place to be known to frequent. Everyone was worried. Was he alive? Was he ok? Did he remember to bring something to read in case he got bored? NO ONE KNEW! Until now. Because TMZ’s got the Stahl scoop and it looks like everything’s cool and also in rehab. From TMZ:

Missing “Terminator 3″ actor Nick Stahl has told his wife he has checked in to rehab, TMZ has learned.

The 32-year-old actor was reported missing earlier this week by his wife Rose — but e-mailed friends yesterday to say he was okay and would be unreachable for the next 30 days so he could get help.

Stahl’s wife, Rose, tells TMZ she spoke to the actor last night — very briefly — and he told her he checked into rehab. Rose says she double-checked with the rehab this morning to make sure he was still there — and he was.

OH THANK GOODNESS. This is probably the best case scenario for this particular missing persons update on a generally lighthearted web video blog. We can all rest easy knowing that Nick Stahl is safe and in rehab and we will not have to do a missing persons update saying anything else, because my goodness, it seemed like this story was definitely almost maybe headed for bummer city and bummer city, like Skid Row, does not sound like a place we want to be frequenting. So thank you, Nick Stahl, for letting your friends and your wife know that you are ok. And thank you for checking into rehab. And thank you TMZ, for everything you do.