Mad Men: Oh Right, Advertising

Don is back! Right? Don is back! He took his jacket off, so that means he’s back! (Joan is also back, I think. She threw a model airplane at a secretary, so she’s back.) Oh, and Kinsey is definitely kind of back. I mean, he’s gone again already, but he was back! The Hari Krishna storyline was…interesting. Never realized how much sexual extortion was involved. Good luck with your new job as a staff writer on Bones, Kinsey! Anyway, everyone’s back is the point. Also: advertising is back. Sometimes you kind of forget that this show is about an advertising firm, and that’s when the show is at its best. It’s a human drama! About the vicissitudes of love and work in a rapidly modernizing world! Also: the hair! But mostly the vicissitudes. But last night put a pretty strong emphasis on the capital A advertising part. (Before you start pointing out that there’s always a pretty decent amount of advertising business stuff in each episode see for example the Heinz plotline or the Cleo Awards, etc, etc, and also pointing out to me that this show takes place at an advertising agency so of course there’s advertising all the time can I please just point out that leave me alone and let me finish.) Yes, there was the holiday bonus embezzlement plot. And the aforementioned Hari Kari plot. OK, there was actually lots of non-advertising stuff, I’m realizing that now as I start to think it through. But every agency needs a car! And Don used to love his work, now there’s spaghetti on the wall! And that stupid play! So now Don is back and wants everyone to swim the champagne channel and they’re going to make a name for themselves and selling things to people is poetry or something. Are we excited about this part of the show? It’s kind of the least interesting part of the show, in my opinion, but maybe other people are like “Fuck Yeah, Old Ads!” The pride Don does or doesn’t take in his work is NOT the most interesting or appealing part about Don. (Or Roger Sterling, for that matter. Although the pride that Pete and Lane take in their work might be the most interesting and appealing part about them because it ends in FIST FIGHTS! More conference room fist fights please, television.) But he’s back! Hi, Don!