That’s Your Girlfriend: This Racist

Which year of law school is it that they teach you the “I’m not racist BUT” defense? 2L? Do they teach that to 2L’s? In no other instance can an entire case be rested with a single word. Usually, it requires at least four words (“I rest my case”) to rest a case, except in cases of Race Law. Obviously, this sad, old racist is just a sad, old racist, but she does make a pretty good point (she does not make a pretty good point) about how white people are discriminated against at race track betting lines when they are taking too long and there’s also a black person there and the security wants everyone’s daughters to go downstairs. That story checks out. Good story. Other things that check out: that white people don’t discriminate against anyone anymore FACT, that no one is allowed to use “the other word” even though she is telling a story in which she used it and clearly uses it all the time, and also Indian War Cry. You love her. You want to marry her. You want to pray for her. But you’ll prey for everything that moves. (Via IHeartChaos.)