This Week In GIFs!

Wow, what a long week! I only wish that, to close out this week, we had a million upfronts GIFs. GIFs from the clips that were shared AND GIFs from the presentations. Just little sometimes to remember all the time we spent together, talking about how bad almost all of the new shows looked. Wonderful memories. But, unfortunately, there are no upfronts GIFs. (Or, it is possible that there are, but I did not look for them.) But there are other GIFs from this week! Let’s look at those!

Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live!

Ashton Kutcher dressed up as a perfect Steve Jobs!

There was a new episode of Mad Men!

So many THINGS happened on Downton Abbey!

Krispy Kreme dropped a new track!

And, finally, Thursday night TV happened!