Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • The first “teaser poster” for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, was released today, and HERE IT IS! How teased are you right now? Pretty teased, right? I bet you had no idea it was going to be a James Bond movie and that James Bond was going to wear a suit in it. -Movieline
  • Here is a Breaking Bad POV supercut. I’m sure there have been supercuts like this before, but here is another. Breaking Bad! So good! And speaking of how good Breaking Bad is… -OHYST
  • Here is a New York Magazine feature on Aaron Paul! Beautiful, engaged Aaron Paul. -NYMag
  • Uh-oh, NERDS. Joss Whedon says he is “very torn” about doing Avengers 2. Torn between whether he’s more excited for how easy it will be to write a superhero sequel or how much money he will make from writing the superhero sequel? Click to find out! -Ain’tItCool
  • The 1000 hour Community season finale is on tonight. It’s going to be a videogame apparently? -Pajiba
  • Marc Maron was on Conan last night and he talked about a bunch of weird stuff. Want to watch him talk about it? -TeamCoco
  • When Eli Manning hosted SNL, you might remember there was a sketch where he wore a motion capture suit and for his signature move he made a sandwich and dropped it on the ground and then picked it up? It was great. And here it is! Videogame style! -EASports
  • Uh-oh, bad news for everyone who ran out to see The Dictator because they thought it would be the only place they’d get to see the Anchorman 2 teaser. Here is a terrible bootleg of the Anchorman 2 teaser! -FilmDrunk