Red Bull Producing 3D Parkour Remake Of Charles’ Dickens’s Oliver Twist, OBVIOUSLY

File this one under: NO, TOTALLY, I KNOW, RIGHT?! From Variety (via AV Club):

Red Bull Media House has signed on to produce “Twist” for Pure Grass Films and the Salt Co. “Twist,” a 3D retelling of Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” set in the present day, comes from an original idea by the Brothers Lynch and Simon Thomas.

Story will center around the novel’s Fagin Gang, which will use the physical vaulting art of parkour to carry out a series of art thefts in the film.

Since we all already knew that Red Bull had a production company, and since all the kids are into Oliver Twist these days, and since parkour is THE hottest sport of the ’90s, and since 3D, and vampires, and HBO Go, I’d be surprised if anyone had any questions or concerns about this Perfect News.