Joe The Plumber Is Running For Congress, A Sketch Comedian

This video is part of a fun new web series Joe the Plumber (whose name, as you know, is Steve, because THAT’S SHOWBIZ) is launching as a light-hearted side to his otherwise “serious” campaign for Ohio’s ninth congressional district. It’s funny, right? So funny. I think my favorite thing about it, though, isn’t the hilarious comedy, but how much sense it makes and how in-line it is with a consistent political viewpoint. Like, well all know that every single liberal is an unemployed, poorly dressed, uninformed protester. That’s just basic facts. Not only do none of them have jobs, but none of them WANT jobs. Because who cares, man, SPARK UP THAT BONG! It’s so lame that people work for a living. (The idea that conservatives are the only ones who feed their families and that all liberals get some kind of check from the government is so patently ridiculous and infuriating that it’s not even worth THINKING about much less writing down those thoughts. Besides, it’s not FUN and these videos are about HAVING FUN!) Liberals are the fucking worst. They don’t even know what taxes are, which is a little confusing, because I thought all they wanted to do was raise taxes and give the government all of our money, but it turns out they don’t know what they are or what they’re used for. OK. Conservatives, however, take pride in working hard so that they can pay their taxes to support our nation’s parks. Wait, what? Joe the Plumber supports taxes for parks? He also seems to think that the only reason people don’t have a job is because they’re lazy, which will make it harder for him to attack Barack Obama for his performance on the economy and stagnant unemployment rates, since it’s either his fault and people want to work, or it’s the people’s fault because they don’t want to work, but I’m not sure it can be both. No matter what, this is definitely not a confusing jumble of contradictory ideas. It’s clean. It’s clear. The choice is obvious. Vote for Joe the Plumber and keep the parks open for bullshit liberal protests. 2012. Guhhh more years. (Thanks for the tip, Jessica.)