FIRST LOOK: Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs

People can surprise you. For example, sometimes you think someone is going to be a major figure in your life — a best friend, maybe, whom you think you’ll have forever — and then one day it turns out they’re just not someone you want to surround yourself with anymore. And sometimes you write someone off completely the first time you meet them and then, years later, you meet them again and then it turns out that you guys are going to get married! And sometimes you think that if you just got the chance to meet your favorite celebrity they would definitely for sure fall in love with you and that you would both live happily ever after, and then you meet them and they DO fall in love with you, but it turns out you don’t actually like them very much and they are much shorter than you thought they would be. And then sometimes an actor who you thought would maybe not do the best job as Steve Jobs in the Steve Jobs biopic, an actor who was probably only cast because of the slight resemblance he bares to the man who completely changed the way we interact with technology, puts on a pair of jeans and a black turtleneck and then just totally BECOMES Steve Jobs. And you can’t even tell who’s who anymore. Just an incredible transformation. People do surprise you. Full-size photo-realistic Steve Jobs costume photo after the jump. (Via SlashFilm.)