Saturday Night Live: Will Ferrell And Usher

So, uh, did Will Ferrell lose a bet? Is that why he hosted this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, when his next film, The Campaign, doesn’t come out until August? Because, I’ll tell you what, he did not seem like he wanted to be there at all! He seemed really unenthusiastic about how he lost that bet that made him host SNL! We’ve discussed this before, but it’s always so much more disappointing when you think an episode of SNL is going to be easily at least PRETTY good, and it turns out badly, than when you don’t have any hope for an episode at all. And unfortunately the former was the case with this episode. Will Ferrell’s role in each of the sketches was always fairly insignificant, and the sketches themselves seemed like they were pulled out of a dusty Sketch Comedy 102 text book from 1991. The “ESPN golf” sketch that only relied on coming up with different ways to describe periods? The RIGHT ON TIME “Mayor of Funkytown” sketch that Will Ferrell didn’t even seem like he COULD participate in, so they had to fill up his screen-time with other performers? What? Why? Why not just do a sketch that Will Ferrell could perform well in? Because the “Mayor of Funkytown” premise was super time sensitive? I wish I could be more upbeat about this episode, I really WANTED to be upbeat about it, going into it, but it was just largely disappointing. Which is too bad! It should’ve been great! There were a few bright moments, though, so let’s talk about them. PLEASE!

The cold open was good and worthwhile! And gave us a false sense of what the episode would be like! (Not that I mean I would’ve rathered a parade of old Will Ferrell characters — though that would’ve been better than what it was, I have to say — but at least in this sketch everyone seemed enthusiastic and as if they ENJOYED their jobs of making a weekly live sketch comedy show.) (I do feel like I’m being very harsh. But WHY WAS THIS EPISODE NOT EVEN KIND OF GREAT?) (Remember how great the Maya Rudolf episode was?)

The “Broadway Sizzle” sketch was my favorite of the night. Kenan’s song was great, and I think this was the only sketch in which Will Ferrell stood out as a main character. And he was great!

The “Get In The Cage” segment was, as always, PRETTY good! The line about how it was his famous monologue, from the Taken trailer? Give me a break. What a perfect joke.

And, finally, the STAR-STUDDED 100th anniversary digital short. It was certainly enjoyable! And I will always accept an opportunity for Natalie Portman to reprise her Natalie Portman rap. So no complaints. I mean, certainly I DO have complaints, but holy moly, let’s all (let’s me) stop complaining for a GD minute.

And also Usher performed and was a great dancer, but his songs were not too good. Sorry Usher! Not even YOU can escape how negatively I felt about this episode, I’m sorry!