Thursday Night TV Open Thread

LES! LIE! KNOPE! LES! LIE! KNOPE! LES! LIE! KNOPE! Wooooooooooo! They really drew THAT conclusion out in every possible, kind of lazy way they could’ve! But yes, obviously, Leslie Knope is the new councilwoman and we all have to say goodbye to dumb-dumb Paul Rudd. Bye, Paul! You were great! I thought — despite the comically lazy drawing-out of the conclusion that I just mentioned — that it was a good season finale. Lots of new things to explore next season. Andy as a policeman? Come on. More drama in the Leslie and Ben relationship? That’ll be more interesting than just watching them be cute together, probably! And Paul Rudd was really great when he had to ask Leslie how to vote. A good time. Amen. 30 Rock’s cobbled together collection of non-sequiturs is getting harder and harder to remain interested in, unfortunately. But Avery is back! That’s something! And they just got picked up for a shortened final season, so I AM looking forward to seeing how the characters end up. I bet it’ll be sweet. Community’s new-clips clip show was silly. Kind of tiring, in the same was 30 Rock always is — jokes that don’t really have a purpose or base in anything — but fun enough, I thought! And they’re setting up the finale nicely! Mostly I just don’t want to complain about it because, honestly, I had a fine enough time watching it. Loved the mental institution scenes. Don’t worry be happy. The Office was, as it tends to be, The Office. But it was really great when Erin said that Andy only abused her emotionally. Really, Erin is always great on that show. As is Gabe, even though I think he only had one reaction shot in the whole entire episode. What did you guys think? HUH??