This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

We have four movie trailers for you today, which may seem like not enough to satiate your deep hunger for movie trailers, but I will tell you that all of the movie trailers we have for you today are NOT GARBAGE! Can you believe it? Four fine-quality trailers! It’s a miracle! And one thing you should never do to a miracle is keep it waiting, so LET’S GO!

Gangster Squad

Yes, obviously. Ryan looks great. Emma looks stunning. The whole thing looks like a nonstop thrill-ride. But I will say that watching Sean Penn did make me think, “Oh yeah, you play pretend for a living.” Right? That guy is really going for the play pretend in this trailer. “Look at me, I’m a reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaal gangster.” – Sean Penn.

Killer Joe

This is not a movie for me, but it looks like a fine enough movie for someone for whom this IS a movie! And it’s by the director of The Exorcist? Actually, I thought that was really strange until I looked at his IMDB and he’s spent the last few years directing episodes of CSI. A man’s gotta work. But, yeah, sure, Killer Joe! Dont’ hire him to kill your mom, he seems mean!


Unfortunately, I think I’m doomed to a lifetime of thinking any movie with Byan Cranston in it is going to be a good movie. “Even Rock of Ages?” Well, no. “Even THE LINCOLN LAWYER???” NO, I WAS BASICALLY JUST LYING, BUT BRYAN CRANSTON IS ALWAYS NICE TO SEE! Love that guy! And this movie DOES actually look good. I’ll see it. I mean, I probably won’t, just because it’s hard to get to the movies sometimes, but if someone asked me to go see it with them and I didn’t think the theater had bedbugs I would definitely go!

The Campaign

I know this may be just me, but I don’t particularly enjoy jokes where the person is supposed to be dumb, and the joke is that they’ve said an incorrect word that kind of sounds like the word they were supposed to say. And it looks like this movie is going to have A LOT of that kind of joke. But with that slightly bitchy point out of the way: ALL OUR FRIENDS! Zachy, Willy, the whole gang. And the IMDB says Heather Lawless is going to be in it at some point? She’s the best! Obviously we are all going to see this. Vote YES to seeing this.