This Week In GIFs!

Wow, it’s already time to wrap up the week in GIFs! So much happened this week, and I feel like it all flew right by in a GIF. Hahahahahahahahaha. Very good one. Props where they’re deserved — to me. Props to me, for saying GIF in that sentence. But now is our time to reflect. We all saw Avengers together, we talked about New Girl finally, Mad Men was on and Gabe was NOT happy with it. It’s as if we each lived a whole lifetime in these past four days! Let’s look back on it now, together. Like the family we are.

Eli Manning hosted Saturday Night Live!

The Avengers came out and everyone saw it!

Mad Med is the Megan show now!

We were all pretty mad at Branson on Downton Abbey!

New Girl’s first season ended and we talked about how much we all loved it!

And, finally, Thursday night TV Happened!