Best New Party Game 66: Spoof Movie Movies

Hot on the heels of the Scary Movie 5 “Black Swan” movie spoof idea, two MORE former Scary Movie writers have announced ANOTHER classic spoof-em-up. From Variety:

It was only a matter of time before someone sent up one of the year’s runaway hits: Spoof auteurs Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have come on board to write and direct THE STARVING GAMES, with K5 selling its international rights at Cannes. Though HUNGER GAMES will be front center for many of the jokes, other pics it plans to pillory include THE AVENGERS, SHERLOCK HOLMES and the HARRY POTTER finale.

THE STARVING GAMES! What an incredible name for a sure-to-be incredible movie. Half the laughs are right there in the title! I almost feel like I’m STEALING entertainment by not having given them any money yet, and other obviously sarcastic things! But one thing that title does very well is lend itself to a party game. Yay! SPOOF MOVIES! I’ll go first:

  • Iceberg Boat
  • The 100 Year Old Virgin
  • Tiny Ms. So Sunny
  • You Can Without Question Count On Me
  • Garden Country

Now you go! Spoof-em-up yourself! NOT SO EASY IS IT! Just kidding, it is!