Morning Bear Cub Conga Line

Just because we had our Petting Zoo countdown yesterday and I did not see this video until today does NOT mean we can’t all get together and enjoy it this morning. At least it shouldn’t. Good morning, bears! Good morning, everyone! Have you had your coffee yet? Have you had a good morning so far? Do you think it’s going to lead to a good day? Do you wish, even though the highlight of this video is really how all of the bears are licking each others heads, that it had conga music in the background, because that would be a lot more fun? I knoooooww. Don’t even get me started on how there should be conga music in the background of this video. Soooo. Everyone have a good night last night? TOO good? Too many bears in the conga line? Whatever that means to you? Something GROSS, I bet? Yuck, you guys. Don’t taint this video for me. It’s already bad enough that the music in it ISN’T conga music. (Via ViralViral.)