Girl Stuff: Take Fashion Advice Wherever You Can Get It

Hey girls, can I ask you something? Totally not trying to be weird, we’re all girls here, but what are you wearing right now? Pajamas? Sweatpants with leggings underneath and your boyfriend’s tanktop? A big bag? A jumpsuit and lipstick all over your face? Jeans on your bottom and jeans on your top with your arms in the legs? A cardboard box space suit with a fishbowl for the helmet? An extra-large Flight of the Concords shirt you got for free in college that you wear around the house sometimes because it’s, like, VERY soft for some reason? Ok, well, I’m sure some of you look lovely no matter WHAT you’re wearing, and it is what’s on the inside that counts for sure, but it’s definitely fun every once in a while to put aside what you think is your style and to try out the latest fashions. “But how do I know what the latest fashions are?” you might be asking. Good question! The truth is you can get a hint of the newest trends almost anywhere! Outside, inside, a Mr. T fashion show from the ’80s I guess that’s for sure kind of jokey but then it’s like, well, but who ever wanted it and why did they decide to make it?, etc. The only thing you have to remember is to open your eyes and trust what you see.

It’s called fashion, ladies! Wear it or you’ll get arrested or whatever! (Via BuzzFeed.)