So, We All Watched The Whole First Season Of New Girl, Right?

Last night the season finale of Fox’s New Girl aired, and I know we haven’t really talked about New Girl here that much, but, uh, did we all watch it? Throughout the whole season? We all should have! Such a delight, that show! The first bunch of episodes didn’t really hit the mark for a few reasons — it seemed unsure at first of what kind of comedic style it was going for, and the roommate characters’ personalities* — Schmidt’s especially — seemed pretty undefined at the beginning, both of which are fine and normal problems for a new sitcom to have, but then also it would’ve been hard to get behind any show with that advertising campaign — but the show really got its footing after that first bunch! It’s very funny! And the characters are all distinct and fresh and the writing is smart and worth your time, and do trust me that it’s very hard to sell a sitcom that you guys may or may not have watched, but I am trying to sell it! SUCH CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THESE GUYS! But if you did watch it: What did you think of the finale? SPOILERS ahead, but aren’t you glad that Nick and Jess haven’t gotten together yet? Wouldn’t have have ruined the whole show and we’d all probably never watch it again? Aren’t you so happy that Nick didn’t move in with his ex-girlfriend because that would have been both awful for the character and a little too real and disappointing? And then he wouldn’t have lived with the group anymore, which is a big part of what makes the show so fun? Did you like when they all danced in their rooms by themselves at the end? Haha. This is why you DON’T recap sitcoms, but I do think it’s worthwhile to bring up how New Girl actually turned out to be pretty great, despite everyone being wary of it at the beginning. Right? Do you guys think so? Let’s talk about it!

*I read New Girl’s wikipedia page last night because BACK OFF, and it says Nick is supposed to be loosely based on the singer of the band Lawrence Arms? Brendan Kelly? And a lot of the reason why he got the part is because he kind of looked like that guy? And he DOES? This barely has anything to do with what I was talking about, but it maybe does speak to the idea that, at the beginning, the characters’ personalities had a lot of traction to gain. Right? I think it does kind of speak to that idea. Otherwise it’s just a fun fact!