How To Dry Your Hands Like A Genius

It’s starting to feel like the TED Conference, whatever that even is, is losing steam. At a certain point in our nation’s glorious history, it made sense to have an annual gathering of brilliant thinkers gather together and listen to Malcolm Gladwell talk about ketchup or whatever, but at this point I think they just give out wireless headsets and 10 minute windows to whoever asks. Do you want to give a presentation about the dream you had last night involving an office building that ate your shoes? Come to the TED Conference! Do you want to examine why you don’t like the taste of honey mustard dressing? Let’s fill up an auditorium! Obviously, I’m mostly poking fun at what is probably the most fascinating thing in the world still, I’m sure, this TED Conference thing, but, like, this IS ultimately a video in which a man spends six minutes explaining how to dry your hands. And while the environmental motivation behind what he’s trying to get across is entirely sound and people do use too much paper towel in general and certainly way more than they need to in order to accomplish the designated task, it’s still, you know, I mean, come on. At the very least, this “keynote address” could have been a few years shorter. Reduce. Reuse. Renough already.

This guy does seem like a sweetheart, though. YOU DO YOUR THING, SWEETHEART! (Via GeeksAreSexy.)

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