The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Jon Hamm Meets LMFAO

Well, that’s that. Jon Hamm wins. For those of us in the trenches, we’ve put up a good fight. We’ve pointed out that he’s not Don Draper in real life. His face is very handsome, yes, but he’s an actor. The suits on Mad Men aren’t even owned by the show itself (much less Jon Hamm) they’re rented from a costume warehouse, I heard it in an interview so it must be true. The man himself is in a longterm committed relationship of 14 years with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. So even your witching hour fantasies of being aggressively womanized in some midtown restaurant coat check room while your spouses are dropping lemon rinds in their espressos are fantasies from a world that doesn’t exist. He’s a human being, was our point. He’s imperfect and probably even a little silly, we argued. But fuck. This photo is pretty dope. This photo shuts us right the hell up. Hamm 2012.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. But not even a smile. (Image via BlameItOnTheVoices.)