Rihanna Is Officially An Actress On Set Prankstress

As America awaits with baited breath for the release of this year’s most anticipated drama, THE BATTLESHIPS, the cast is making the publicity rounds to get people siked as if we could even BE anymore siked. (Nod to Bandler Ching!) In a recent interview, newcomer Rihanna, perhaps best known for songs, explained how her work on the project was a pleasure in no small part because of director Peter Berg’s enthusiasm for keeping the set light and fun. How? Well, this is Hollywood, so obviously he did this with ON SET PRANKS. How else? How else do celebs even have fun these days? (Besides cocaine, grotesque and often self-sabotaging displays of wealth, athletic sex with multiple partners, lavish vacations, and alcohol.) But just wait until you hear what some of the pranks were on the set of There’s Something About Battleship. You’ll poop your pants with LAUGHTER because this is some FUNNY SHIT.

Peter Berg is a lot of fun. He’s wild. It spreads all the way down through his film and crew all the way back to the cast. We played pranks on each other constantly. Whether it was…you know…drawing boobs on a screen while Hopper had to read the screen out. He didn’t know and he was really good at keeping a straight face, I have to say.

You name a prank, they played it. Whether it was drawing boobs on a screen, or having a screen with a drawing of boobs on it, or just, you’d look at a screen and you know there’s not going to be a drawing of boobs on that screen this time probably but you’d look and there would be boobs on a screen. Normally, of course, this would make anyone LOSE THEIR MINDS, but the world’s finest actors manage, somehow, almost impossibly and certainly heroically, to keep a straight face. Another great story from behind the scenes. Everyone gets 10 million fucking dollars. (Via Cambio.)