Saturday Night Live: Eli Manning And Rihanna

I was not looking forward to this episode of Saturday Night Live, I have to say. I don’t like when sports guys host! Not because of any particular feeling against spots and sports guys, both things are totally fine if you’re into those kinds of things, only because athletes are not just not particularly good at being hosts. Weird how being very good at running and throwing and knowing sports rules (or other sports attributes) (pretty sure those are the main three though?) doesn’t prepare you well for hosting a live comedy sketch show, but that’s just the world we’re living in. Here we are, with Eli Manning. He definitely deserves to be commended for really GOING for it, and for how he made so many funny faces the whole time, but uhhhhhhh, well, he isn’t an actor. Is he even a human? Did anyone check beforehand whether or not Eli Manning was a human/had ever heard how humans talk? He did a very bad job at reading his lines and then saying them in a way that wasn’t like he was just reading them in a 4th grade school play that his mom forced him to be in. And also most of the sketches weren’t great. And also The Dictator? Listen, they can’t all be winners. If there’s one thing we all have to understand about life it is that they are NEVER going to all be winners. Let’s talk about the things we liked, though.

The “motion capture” sketch is one that showcases Eli Manning’s willingness to go for it and also make funny faces, as I noted earlier. I liked it! The part where he made the sandwich and dropped it on the ground? So good. Also it wasn’t SO LONG, as the next sketch I’ll highlight was.

THE TEXT MESSAGE EVIDENCE? It’s always more disappointing to me when I’m actually into a sketch and then the sketch goes on for too long and makes me OUT of it, than it is when a sketch is just bad. This was one of the too-long scenarios. The idea was good, I thought! And, again, LOTS of funny faces from this guy! But then I don’t know why they didn’t just stop at a reasonable time!

Hahah, well, “Helga Lately” is worth mentioning, I think. It was VERY tiring, but different! And that’s nice to see!

The “Herb Welch” sketch was disappointing for me, as a “Herb Welch” fan. Did everyone else feel that way? Or did you guys like it? Maybe “Herb Welch” will never be funny again? Was it just the fault of Eli Manning? WHAT’S GOING ON?

Oh, and tan mom! Our favorite very sad Internet disaster of the past week. The Dictator also showed up during Weekend Update, but tan mom was more exciting.

And, finally, Rihanna performed. And she missed her dress rehearsal! I’m starting to think she’s not a great role model!