Look At How Scary This Ride Is!

It’s hard to explain one’s attraction to Internet videos of terrifying things, like bugs, and people climbing tall buildings, and Courtney Stodden LOL, and this ride we’re all about to see. Do we like it because when we’re watching the video we’re at least sure, for a moment, that we are not IN the video? Or is it because we hate ourselves and take every opportunity we can to put ourselves in discomfort? Or is it because we secretly LOVE things like bugs and watching people climb tall buildings?! (NO.) We may never know. Scientists have been working for lifetimes to figure it out and no scientist has ever even come close to figuring it out. All we can do is sit back, boot up our computers, and watch this video of a terrifying amusement park ride from Russia that does not even look that stable and should definitely not exist and, if it has to exist, should definitely not have any humans who willingly participate in it. That’s all we can do! I didn’t make up the rules. ROLL THE VIDEO!

Hey guys! Do you know you don’t have to ride that ride? You can do other things! Like walk around! And be with your friends and loved ones! Safely! It’s so weird that you must have been under the impression that riding that ride was mandatory! (Via Geekologie.)