Thursday Night TV Open Thread

I looked through the comments of last week’s Thursday Night TV Open Thread recently, and it seems like a problem a lot of you guys had with the (otherwise good!) Community “Law and Order” episode was that there was a complete lack of stakes. (Aside from Starburns dying.) (Haha.) (R.I.P.!) And yes! That makes sense as a problem to have! And: Were you happier with this episode? MAJOR comedy stakes in this episode. Will the gang get to graduate? Will Chang something something? How much more handsome can Joel McHale get? WHO KNOWS! It was a fine episode, I thought. Normal. Easy to grasp. Right? There weren’t really any PERFECT Dean moments in this one, which was disappointing, but there were some good ones! Like the one right at the beginning that I’m now forgetting and I wish I wrote it down! Anyway. I couldn’t make it through all of 30 Rock. I watched the first half and said “maybe I’ll come back to it later” and then never did. As it turns out, faux-Bravo reality show is just as unbearable as REAL Bravo reality show! Parks and Recreation was good. No major LOLs, but it is nice to see the Bobby Newport plot moving along, and it’s ALWAYS nice to see Paul Rudd. He’s just going to drop out probably, right? Do you think? Or do you think she’s actually going to win? WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON THIS SITCOM? The Office was, as it usually is, The Office. But some stakes were introduced there, too! Right in time for the end of the season! Great! What did you think?!?!